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How To Make Laser Hair Removal More Affordable

What is the biggest misconception about laser hair removal? That it is expensive, as in so expensive it is extortionate. It will cost you more than an arm and right now, waxing or shaving just seem more realistic. Maybe in the short-term, yes. However, in the long-term, it is laser hair removal that ends up being cheaper. Plus, there are a lot of ways to make laser hair removal more affordable!

The important thing is to think of laser hair removal as a skincare investment and a long-term thing. Sure, when you pay your treatment upfront, it is a significant amount. However the results as well as the fact that you will never have to spend a cent on shaving or waxing in the future make it all more worth it.

The cost of other hair removal methods

Laser hair removal has a reputation for being expensive. Sure, we will give you that. And it is true that the upfront cost is significant. However, in the long-term, i.e. once your treatment is done with, it is cheaper than any other hair removal method. Simply because it is a one time cost while other methods more the most part still require weekly or even monthly investments.


Shaving is probably the easiest and seemingly most convenient way to remove unwanted body hair. However, you must shave every other day to keep your skin smooth and will have to buy new razors on a regular basis. Of course the cost will vary depending on your choice of razor, cartridges, creams, etc.

If you buy a razor with four cartridges, the cost will be around $20 a month. Shaving cream will cost you around $8 per bottle, so probably around $30 a month. Per year, the cost is at least $500. Because shaving does not contribute to reducing hair growth, you will have to shave until the last of your days. The total cost will thus after 50 years be $30,000.


Waxing is another popular hair removal method. It is not as easy and quick as shaving. However, it provides longer lasting results, up to 4 weeks. Waxing tears off the hair along with the root. Thus, repetitive waxing will eventually damage hair follicles, which will lead to hair growth reduction. However, this will take a lot of time.

Furthermore, waxing has a few bad side effects, the most well-known being ingrown hair. The cost of waxing varies of course but a treatment for your full legs, Brazilian, underarms and upper lip will cost you around $100. This price does not include tax nor tips. $1200 a year will turn into $60,000 after 50 years of waxing.

Depilatory creams

Depilatory creams are another option when it comes to removing unwanted body hair. The application is fast and the wait is around three minutes. The cream is packed with chemicals that will dissolve the hair. However, it is not ideal for all body areas and can be harmful to the skin. Let’s say a bottle of chemical cream costs $9. One will not be enough for your full legs, underarms and upper lip. 

Never use cream on your bikini area. Too sensitive. We’d also advise to avoid doing your upper lip with cream as they essentially are like shaving. If you use one bottle and a half per treatment that you do once a week, your monthly cost is $48. Yearly it is $576 and after 50 years, $28,800.

Why laser hair removal is the best method

Laser hair removal is the best hair removal method simply because it is overall more affordable than any other methods. But also because it has not the disadvantages other methods have. Laser hair removal reduces hair growth by up to 90%. Thus, once your treatment is over, you will not have to shave or wax ever again.

You may indeed need additional sessions or touch-ups after a year or so. But still, the cost will still be nothing compared to if you had to shave every week or wax every month. Laser hair removal is also not painful, as opposed to waxing. The sensation is akin to pinching and may be unpleasant but it is nothing compared to waxing.

Laser hair removal also helps to prevent ingrown hair. Since no hair is growing back the risk of ingrown hair and associated infection is removed. Redness and other irritation will also not be an issue. But the most important fact is that laser hair removal is more affordable and cheaper in the long-term.

Even if you buy your laser treatment at full price, it will still be cheaper. You will likely need six sessions for your full legs ($1,750), eight sessions for your full Brazilian ($1,350), six sessions for your underarms ($500) and eight sessions for your upper lip ($525). Total cost is going to be around $4,125 (incl. tax). Upfront it may seem like a lot but since it is a one time cost, it is nothing compared to the $60,000 of waxing.

How to make laser hair removal more affordable

We understand that $4,125 upfront seems like a big cost. And it is. However, again, in the long-term it is not. Plus, this price is only if you did not grab any deals, which would really reduce the price! Plus, you should know that there are payment options offered both on our website and in-store. You can indeed pay in installments!

Buy multiple sessions at once

Buying one single session at a time per area will always be more expensive than buying a package of six. Indeed, the more sessions you buy, the cheaper the sessions become. Considering you will always need more than one session to get satisfactory results, it just makes sense to buy a package from day one. For example, a single session for the underarms cost $125 while a package of six cost $500.

Multi-areas laser packages

Laser spas like Spektrum Laser Spa often offer packages combining multiple areas. Such bundles will always include at least six sessions per area. Doing multiple areas at once saves time during a session and also makes it cheaper for the customer. For example, as mentioned above, if you wanted to do your full legs, full Brazilian, underarms and upper lip, you’d pay full price: $4,125. For example, a package for six sessions of full Braziilan, full face and underarms cost $575. It is basically dividing the total cost by two.

Seasonal sale

It is quite common that laser spa run seasonal promotions. Valentine’s day, summer sale, Black Friday, the holidays, etc. Those sales can be very interesting and allow you to make laser hair removal more affordable. For example, at the moment, during Black Friday, our full legs laser hair removal package has 50% off.

One year unlimited

Packages for one year of unlimited laser hair removal (or up to 8 sessions, whichever comes first) are a type of deal that will, as stated in the name, give you unlimited sessions for a year. Or as many as you can fit in a year, providing that the sessions are six weeks apart. Such packages are very affordable and therefore a bit more restrictive than multi-areas laser packages. Thus, you will only be able to pick amongst a list of specific areas.

They remain excellent money saving deals. For example, with your one year of unlimited laser hair removal for two small and one large areas, you’d be able to treat your bikini front, underarms and upper lip. This would cost you only $285. This price is much more affordable than buying sessions individually.

Thus, as you can now see, there are plenty of ways to make laser hair removal more affordable. A laser treatment is in the long term cheaper than any other hair removal methods. Even if the cost stretches a bit, you can always pay in installments using methods such as Quadpay or Splitit on our website.

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