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How much does laser hair removal cost?

How much does laser hair removal cost? A lot, if you ask many people. After all, it is a widely spread misconception that a laser procedure is not affordable. Probably because it started as such. Laser hair removal used to be very pricey. It may seem like it still is and that it is quite a big investment. Let us assure you that how much laser hair removal cost has changed a lot.

The cost of laser hair removal will vary. Many factors will influence how much you will pay. First of all, there may be a price difference based on the location and type of business you are going to. Then, the size will play a part too. As well as the number of areas you are treating. Even if anyone can undergo laser hair removal, people with dark skin or fair hair may require additional sessions.

However, if you know where to look, i.e. the package deal section of our website, you will find that the cost of laser hair removal is not always that high and that it can be made quite affordable.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is the most useful way to remove unwanted body hair anywhere on the body. Benefits include the precision of the treatment as well as speed and prediction. While it is not (yet) considered a permanent hair removal method by the FDA, a lot of people do experience permanent hair removal. Some other patients may need a touch-up session here and there.

Laser hair removal uses a principle called selective photothermolysis. The laser gun will generate a wavelength and a pulse duration that will match. Doing so will allow to reach a desired effect on a specific target without damaging surrounding skin tissues. When it comes to laser hair removal, that target is the hair and the effect is hair growth reduction.

The light energy produced by the laser will target the pigment in the hair. Then it will travel through the hair to the follicle. There, the light will turn into thermal energy and damage the follicle, thus preventing further growth. 

However, the hair growth cycle is not only unique for each person, it also is for  each hair. One session of laser hair removal will never be able to treat more than 20% of all the hair on the treated area. Indeed, laser hair removal works only when the hair is in the anagen phase of growth.

Unfortunately, that happens for only 20% of hair at any point in time. One session will catch those 20% while the next session will treat another 20%, and so on. Laser hair removal can reduce hair growth by up to 95%.

Why choose laser hair removal?

How much laser hair removal cost will definitely be a key decision factor. However, it is not the only one. As mentioned briefly above, laser hair removal is quick, effective and predictable. It is also much better than any other hair removal method out there.


First thing first. Waxing hurts. A lot. It is unpleasant and inconvenient. Especially if you wish to treat your bikini area. Plus, it takes a lot of time. Will it eventually reduce hair growth? Yes, but after many many years. Let’s not talk about side effects such as ingrown hair and redness.

When it comes to the cost, waxing is pretty far up on that scale. A treatment for full legs, bikini, underarms and upper lip will cost around $100 (without tip nor tax). If you wax one a month, that makes $1,200 a year. If you wax for 50 years, that makes $60,000.


A nasty one that one. Shaving does not hurt, no. Yet, it is as inconvenient as waxing. It is not quick. How long do you have to spend in the shower to do it? And what about those areas you can’t really reach. Plus the ingrown hair, the redness and itchy regrowth. And the fact that you will have to shave every other day for your entire life…

Even though the cost of shaving is lower than the cost of waxing, it still ends up being higher than laser hair removal. Your razor costs $20. A year worth of cartridges is $35. Shaving cream costs between $7 and $20 a month. $155 total a year then. That’s $1,550 over ten years, $3,100 over twenty, and so on. 

Depilatory creams

Let’s not spend too much time on this one. Chemical creams and razors offer the same results. Different is, creams are packed with chemicals that are harmful to the skin. Plus it is very unadvised to use it on your intimate parts.

Depilatory creams take time to apply and work. They also end up being quite expensive. If one tube does your full legs, you will need more for other areas. You will need a treatment every week, so paying $8 per bottle, four to five times a month will bring the cost to $40/month. After 35 years it is $12,800.

If you compare those to the average laser hair removal cost for 12 sessions for the same areas, you get to $3000. One time $3000. For the initial treatment. But even with touch-ups, the cost will always be lower. 

Why has it become more affordable?

The first laser hair removal machines were very expensive. The technology was new and expensive to produce. Not that many companies had the resources and know-how. Manufacturing probably was more difficult and reducing production cost was not possible. Furthermore, competition was not big back then so companies had no incentive to make their machines cheaper.

Since such machines were so expensive, clinics and laser spas had to cover the cost and therefore charged high prices to their customers. Plus, it was such a new technology that few people trusted it. Thus, spas had a very small audience which meant slim profits.

With time laser hair removal started to gain momentum. More laser machine manufacturers developed technology that was more affordable. The softwares and research became widely available. The audience grew and so did the competition. Thus, laser machine manufacturers had to adjust to such competition and decrease their prices.

Competition also grew for laser spas. Therefore, they had to adjust and offer lower prices to ensure they remained competitive. That is why a lot of laser spas now offer deals and packages that are very affordable. Which allows more prospective patients to afford them.

How much is it?

How much laser hair removal cost will always be a factor in your decision-making process. This will vary on the areas you decide to treat. How many as well as their size. The bigger the area, the more expensive. Which is something you had guessed already.

Some areas will require more sessions. The bikini for example is a very hormonal area. Hair growth is triggered by hormones. Two plus two equals, yes, you got it. The hair usually is coarser and thicker there. As hormones can interfere with the treatment, it is possible that you need additional sessions.

The length of the treatment will have an impact on laser hair removal cost. Even though anyone can undergo laser hair removal, some skin colors and hair textures can be trickier to work on. The ideal candidate has fair skin and dark hair. Indeed, the sharpest the contract between skin and hair color, the easier is it for the machine to pick up the hair pigments.

Laser hair removal is still very efficient on dark skin or fair hair. Medication, hormone treatments and genetics may also play a part in the length of a treatment, and therefore in the cost. Some people have more hair than others. Some people experience quicker growth, etc.

A session for a small area can cost as little as $125 if it is bought on its own. An extra large area such as the legs will cost $375 per session. If you are doing a lot of areas at once, you will need to add up the cost. However, know that there are ways to make laser hair removal cheaper.

How do I save money on laser hair removal?

There we go. The question that you all want an answer to. How much does laser hair removal cost. Well, we sort of already answered above. You have a rough idea of the cost of laser hair removal. If you buy each session individually. Which is not smart or cost-effective.

The thing with laser hair removal is that the more you buy, the cheaper it becomes. One session of laser hair removal for the lower legs costs $250. Three sessions cost $550. And so on. You got it, buying a package of six sessions is cheaper than buying each session individually.

Buying a pre-made package will also make it cheaper. At Spektrum Laser Spa, we offer packages that combine a few areas. You will get six sessions for each of the areas included in the package. For example, our lower legs & full Brazilian package includes six sessions for the lower legs and six sessions for the full Brazilian.

This particular package cost $575. Buying six sessions for each of those two areas as different packages would cost $2,300. The savings are significant. Did you know? You can also get an additional 15% off when you sign up to our newsletter. That’s right. Plus, we keep you updated with our seasonal offers and promotions!

Stay on the lookout for promotions and deals, as they may make your hairless dreams even closer to coming true. We offer packages for one year of unlimited laser hair removal all year round. Our other packages are seasonal.

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