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The cost of laser hair removal

When it comes to choosing the best hair removal method for you, cost will be an important factor. Women and men alike will spend a lot of time and money waxing, shaving, using chemical creams, etc. In the short-term, those solutions seem to be the most affordable. In the long term however, the cost of laser hair removal is the lowest.

Laser hair removal can indeed be very affordable. We have a few discounted packages that make it easier for patients to undergo laser hair removal. In the long-term, the cost of laser hair removal is lower than any other hair removal technique simply because you do not need to do it again.

A laser hair removal treatment will include at least six sessions, up to twelve. The length of efficiency of your treatment will depend on many factors such as skin color, hair texture, pigmentation and coarseness, genetics, medication history, etc. Hormonal areas will require more sessions, which will increase the cost.

However, in the long-term, laser hair removal still remains cheaper. You will have to shave every other day forever. Indeed, shaving stimulates hair growth. Waxing is more sustainable but you will still need to do it once a week. Even though it contributes to hair growth reduction, it is a very long process. And the cost adds up year after year.

Of course the cost of laser hair removal will also vary from one spa o clinic to another, one city to another. At Spektrum Laser Spa, we offer affordable laser hair removal and guarantee top results. Patients must keep in mind that the size of the areas will be the first factor influencing the price of the treatment.

How many sessions does each area need?

Laser hair removal packages always come in six sessions. It is the industry standard. However, the average number of sessions a patient needs usually revolves around eight. Patients may need touch-up sessions later on as some hair may have been missed during the initial treatment or not in the right stage of their growth cycle.

Considering hair growth is mostly triggered by hormones, it makes sense that those areas may need additional sessions. Others areas such as the legs are not hormonal and will as a consequence need six up to eight sessions. Someone who waxed for ten years already will have already entered the hair growth reduction process and may therefore need less sessions.

As briefly mentioned above, the results of a laser hair removal treatment will depend on several factors. Skin color, hair color and texture will all play a role. However, the location of the area will also have an impact. For example, areas such as the face or the Brazilian are very hormonal. 

What is the cost of laser hair removal at Spektrum Laser Spa?

Small Area Treatment Prices

One session: $125
Three sessions: $325 (each session $108)
Six sessions: $550 (each session $92)


Large Treatment Area Prices

One session: $200-275
Three sessions: $525-600 (each session $175-200)
Six sessions: $850-975 (each session $142-163)

Extra-Large Treatment Area Prices

One session: $375
Three sessions: $750-800 (each session $250-270)
Six sessions: $1200-1250 (each session $200-208)