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How To Find The Best Laser Hair Removal Specialist Near You?

Laser hair removal is a serious procedure with pros and cons. Although it is a very safe hair removal method and technology has vastly improved in the past years, it is important that patients do their research properly before starting the treatment. At the end of the day, finding the best laser hair removal specialist near you is like finding the right doctor for you. You want to feel comfortable going to a particular clinic and trust your laser technician.

Even though laser hair removal is a fairly recent hair removal method, it is experiencing an increase in popularity. This reflects in how many new laser spas have opened in the last few years. With so much choice, it can be difficult to find the best laser hair removal specialist near you. Worry not, we are experts and here to help you!

Search laser hair removal spas in your area

The first step in finding the best laser hair removal specialist is simply to build a list of potential laser spas near you. You can decide to pick a place that is located next to where you live or work. It is after all very convenient to have a laser session during your lunch time, especially if you treat a small area such as the underarms or upper lip.

While there is not really a suitable business directory for laser hair removal, you can always use social networks to help you in your search. Of course Google search will be of great help. Typing in the search bar “laser hair removal nyc” will indeed provide a long list of results. You can also directly look into Google Map for a visual representation of locations. 

Yelp can also help you find a laser spa. Some newspapers will even have published listicles of the best laser spas in a certain neighborhood. Once you locate laser hair removal spas around your area, you can start writing down names and phone numbers. As you build your list, you can also expand your area of research.

Check for reviews online

Once you have a list of laser clinics you are interested in, you can check them out  more thoroughly. Most laser spas have a website, which can provide you with additional information. However, a great way to help you find the best laser hair removal near you is to read reviews from former and current clients.

Indeed, their feedback on how the treatment went, the results they got, how the staff behaved will help you make a decision. After all, you would not want to go to a laser spa where the staff is rude and unfriendly. You can check out reviews in different places. Google reviews is one place. The Groupon page of a spa is another option. Yelp is a famous review site too.

Patients share their feedback on such platforms, which is very useful for prospective customers. A five-star review of a laser spa will always be more effective than heavy advertising. After all, all you want is proof that the service you are about to pay for actually works and that you are not wasting money. Consulting various review sites will help you get different opinions as well.

Review sites such as Yelp are generally quite good to get an idea of a service. However, bare in mind that they are easily manipulated by people that have conflicts of interest. Take reviews with a pinch of salt. They are just another data point to take into account when deciding the best clinic for you. Look into laser spas’ answers to bad review. A clinic taking into account negative feedback to improve or find a solution to a problem shows that the staff is dedicated to giving you the best experience.

Phone the laser hair removal specialist

After you check reviews about the few laser spas you are interested in, you will see your list reduce and filter out spas with bad reviews. The next step to find the best laser hair removal specialist near you is to simply phone places on the shortlist. It is another way to filter out laser spas that do not meet your requirements.

Ask as many questions as possible. The name of the person you are talking to. How long the practice has been open. What laser machines do they use. If they are FDA-approved. What brand of lasers the clinic uses. If the technicians are certified. Whether they offer free consultations and patch tests. If there are any contraindications for laser hair removal.

Those questions are especially important if you are a person of color. Indeed, not all laser machines are suitable for dark skin. It is therefore crucial that you ensure the laser spas have the right laser machines to treat you. At Spektrum Laser Spa, we use ND: YAG lasers which are the safest for dark skin.

Book a free consultation

Checking out reviews and speaking on the phone with the staff at a laser spa are both great. They indeed help to filter out more places and reduce your list. However, in-person conversations are even better. The best way to get the feel of a place is to go there and experience it for yourself. Go to the reception desk, sit in the seating area, check out the facility.

The initial consultation should allow you to ask all of the questions that you have about the hair removal treatment. You should be able to talk directly with the person who would be doing your treatment about any areas that you’re unsure about. You can ask the same questions you asked during your phone conversation.

Remember that laser hair removal works differently on different skin tones and hair color. It is therefore important that the practice have the right laser machine for you. You can also ask to have a patch test done. This allows the practitioner to test a range of settings and for you to see how the skin will react to the treatment.​ After your patch test, you’ll need to give it some time to see how your skin reacts, typically a week or so.

Schedule your first session

If after your free consultation, you feel like you have found the best laser hair removal specialist for you, then you can stop your search. If you are unsure, of course, do carry on and visit other clinics. It is always better to dedicate more time to find the best place for you than rush and be disappointed.

However, now is the time to book your first session. A lot of laser spa offers laser hair removal deals that allow you to treat a combination of areas for an affordable price. At Spektrum Laser Spa, we have packages for one years of unlimited laser hair removal for example. Remember to book quite in advance as some laser spas are booked out weeks in advance. 

It is also important that you come prepared. Avoid the sun during the ten days before your session. Artificial tanning puts the skin in an excited state and can interfere with the treatment. If you take medication or birth control, tell your technician as well. Some medications, such as antibiotics, increase photosensitivity and can make the experience less pleasant. Come in clean-shaven.

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