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Why to Ditch Waxing For Laser Hair Removal

Have you been irritated to constantly get yourself waxed? Do you face a time crunch? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you don’t need to worry at all, as there is a perfect solution for you. With the commencement of technology, you do not have to worry about waxing, when you can get your hands on laser hair removal!

Laser Hair Removal may seem to be a drastic option for removing the excess body or facial hair, but there are many reasons why you should seriously consider it.

Waxing is painful

The one major thing about waxing? It hurts. A lot. Especially when it comes to removing unwanted body hair around your bikini area.

The bikini line? Short and fine. A full Brazilian? Please, help!

I am pretty sure we’ve all got the same reaction in the waxing room. Remember just before that stripe was pulled off?

How tense you were? You know the drill. The tenser you are, the more painful it becomes. What about you relax? Easier said than done, right?!

So sure, one stripe of wax covers a large part of your bikini. Thus, all the hair is removed at once. But, come on, how painful!

After all, the hair root is removed from the follicle. Then, it needs to go through the skin. Sure, it is fast. However, it is not painless.

And never will be.

Should you ditch waxing then? Yes. Is laser hair removal better? Also, yes. Here is why!

First of all, laser hair removal is not painful. Yes, it is not always pleasant. The sensation can be a bit uncomfortable. Still, it is tolerable.

Laser hair removal feels like heat and pinching. It is akin to a rubber band snapping at the skin. Basically, the heat sent under the skin will damage the hair follicle. You will not actually need to remove the hair.

Waxing must be done once a month. A laser treatment? Once you are done with your sessions, you are good. No more unwanted body hair to worry about

Long-term outcomes

This is where laser hair removal shines the most. When you don’t want hair in a particular region of your body, you want it gone as soon as possible, right? Although we cannot guarantee permanent hair removal because your body will try to replace the hair growth naturally over time, you will notice a permanent reduction in the amount of hair that grows back. You can also expect to be hair-free for several months to a year following laser therapy.

When you shave, wax, or pluck your hair, it always regrows darker, thicker, and harder than before, making hair removal that much more difficult the next time. On the other hand, laser hair removal attacks the hair follicle itself, weakening and sometimes damaging the matrix that would have allowed new hair to develop. The hair that grows back is usually lighter and smoother, with fewer hairs returning each time.

Waxing can have side effects

Every hair removal method has side effects. Yet, some have more than others.

Depilatory creams? Packed with chemicals and is harmful to the skin. Shaving? Razor cuts and ingrown hair. So, of course, waxing is not better.

Actually, some secondary effects might even make you think twice about waxing. And even give you another reason to switch to laser hair removal.

Ingrown hair outbreaks are a very well-known side effect. Waxing makes unwanted hair thinner. It also removes it in the direction opposite to growth.

When the hair grows back, it can curl under the skin or grow sideways. It may not be able to pierce through the skin at all. People who wax may also experience dry skin, redness, and irritation.

So much for smooth skin.

Worst comes to worst? Waxing can lead to bacterial infections or allergic reactions. Some infections will go on their own. Others will not.

Allergies can be life-threatening. Sure, good treatment conditions will reduce the risks. However, some side effects (i.e. ingrown hair) will be inevitable.

Laser hair removal also has side effects. However, they are very rare. The procedure is safe and efficient. Especially when performed by a certified laser technician.

Patients need to follow aftercare recommendations. Those will help reduce the risk of side effects even further.

Now, take ingrown hair. Do you struggle with outbreaks? Worry not. Laser hair removal will even stop them from happening!

Why? Simply because the treatment damages the hair follicle. No new hair can grow there again. Thus, there is no chance a hair can curl under the skin.

No hair, no ingrown hair.

Even though the procedure is a long-term game, you will still see results early on. The hair that grows back will look thinner. Treated hair will be shed after a week.

Extremely successful and clean

Laser hair removal isn’t in the least bit painful or dangerous. Aside from our aim of making all of our clients feel at ease during treatments, the treatment itself is straightforward, quick, and highly efficient. For hair removal, we use the G-Max laser, which involves focusing a pulsing beam of light over the areas where you want hair removed. The laser targets each follicle using the melanin in the hair shaft, killing it with heat while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. While you can experience some warmth during recovery, it is painless and does not require any downtime or healing.

Who doesn’t like the perfectly smooth skin? We all do, right? Getting flawless smooth skin is very much possible with the help of a laser. Compared to other hair removal methods, laser hair removal results in much smoother skin. The treatments smooth it out by slowing down hair growth!

Laser hair removal has helped a plethora of women! Time to ditch waxing and switch now.

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