Full Legs Laser Hair Removal For Women In NYC


Want to make your hairless dream come true? At Spektrum Laser Spa, we are here to help! A common myth about laser hair removal is that it is very expensive. Therefore it is not affordable. We very strongly disagree. Even when areas as large as the full legs are concerned. In the long-term, the cost of laser hair removal will end up being cheaper than waxing. We offer this full legs laser hair removal package, that includes six sessions.

You must find the best hair removal method for you. Are you still not sure about switching to laser hair removal? Know that it has none of the downsides of waxing or shaving. No ingrown hair, itchiness or growth at all at the end of your laser full legs hair removal treatment. Waxing always hurts, no matter where it is done. Full legs laser hair removal is a straightforward, safe and comfortable way to remove unwanted body hair.

What is full legs laser hair removal?

This package offers six sessions of full legs laser hair removal. The full legs cover both legs from the top of the ankle bone to the top of the thigh. The full legs do not include the bikini line. This laser package does include the extended bikini line however. It is the perfect solution for patients who are tired of waxing every month and who suffer from ingrown hair outbreaks. It is an affordable solution that provides long-lasting results.

At Spektrum Laser Spa, we offer different leg laser packages. You may decide to go for a smaller area such as the lower legs or the upper legs. Our full legs laser package does not cover the hips

The legs are not a hormonal area and are therefore faster to treat. Patients should see results after a few sessions and experience permanent hair removal towards the end of their treatment. One session of full legs laser hair removal lasts up to 45 minutes.

How do I prepare for my session? What about aftercare?

Patients need to shave at least three hours prior to their full legs laser session. They must clean their skin of any cream, lotion or moisturizer. If you take medication, make sure you tell your laser technician. Some medications, such as antibiotics, increase photosensitivity and may make the treatment more unpleasant.

Other medications such as retinoids can interfere with the laser treatment. If you have been exposed to the sun, you will need to wait at least 15 days prior to coming in for a session. The skin on your legs will have tanned and be in an excited state that can interfere with the treatment.

Laser hair removal aftercare is straightforward. You should avoid the sun for at least ten days after your session. Avoid hot showers, sauna, working out or any other heat inducing activity. The thermal energy of the treatment stays in the skin for up to 24 hours and additional heat could lead to burning.

How does full legs laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal uses a concept called selective photothermolysis. It is the matching of a wavelength and a pulse duration that will allow the laser to target a specific object without damaging the surrounding skin tissues. Here, the target is the pigment in the hair.

The light beam produced by the laser hair removal machine will target the pigment in the hair. Once the light energy is absorbed by the melanin in the hair, it will travel all the way down to the follicle. There, it will turn into thermal energy and anchor itself to the follicle. The heat will damage the follicle beyond repair and prevent any further growth.

It is the combination of successive sessions that will lead to hair growth reduction by up to 95%. Due to the hair growth cycle, only 20% of body hair is in the right stage for laser hair removal to work: the anagen phase of growth. Thus one session can only target up to 20% hair. 

Can anyone do full legs laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is safe and suitable for all skin tones and hair color. Laser treatments are as efficient on dark skin and people of color as they are on fair skin. At Spektrum Laser Spa, we use the V-Frost Diode 808 nm by Vertex Lasers, which has a ND: YAG laser.

ND: YAG lasers are very safe and effective on dark skin as well as fair hair. The 1064 nm wavelength deposits its energy deep into the dermis without relying too much on melanin to do so, as opposed to other laser machines.

There are contraindications for laser hair removal but they are not related to skin color. Pregnant women should not undergo laser hair removal. Antibiotics and Accutane treatment will increase photosensitivity, etc.

Why choose Spektrum Laser Spa?

Spektrum Laser Spa is a top laser hair removal spa in New York City. Our staff has over seven years of experience and we offer premium customer service. We are conveniently located on Bryant Square, with easy access via all major train lines. We provide exceptional laser hair removal services with long-lasting results.

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“A review from a customer who benefited from your product. Reviews can be a highly effective way of establishing credibility and increasing your company's reputation.”