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Mankini: Pubic Hair Removal For Men

Hair removal is not just a women’s thing. Of course, men do shave their beard and moustache. However, as it turns out, they are more and more trying out manscaping. Indeed, men do remove unwanted hair on their back, shoulders as well as mankini. Pubic hair removal is a delicate affair as this area is extremely sensitive. Thus, it requires extra care, which laser hair removal only can provide.

What pubic removal options do men have?

Hair removal is not a new thing. Thus, there are plenty of methods available. The question now is to know which is the best, most convenient and most efficient.


Shaving is the most common and convenient hair removal method. Many men shave their face every day. When it comes to their pubic hair, it is another story. Indeed, the area may be harder to reach. Plus, hair growth may be more irritating down there. However, shaving can be done at home so most men may go for that option.


Waxing is another well-known hair removal option. The esthetician will spread out the wax over the skin. Then, they will pull it off. Both the hair and root will go in the process. Although mankini waxing exists, it is a very painful and delicate operation that cannot be done alone. It is also more expensive than shaving and may cause ingrown hair.

Depilatory creams

Chemical creams remove unwanted body hair by dissolving the hair. However, creams do not remove the hair follicle. Results are similar to shaving. Growth starts immediately after the treatment. Furthermore, those creams are packed with chemicals harmful to the skin. The skin around the intimate area is very thin and sensitive. It is therefore not advised to use chemical creams for a mankini.


Electrolysis is the only hair removal method categorised as permanent by the FDA. This technique uses a needle to send an electric current into the hair follicle to damage and stop hair growth. Electrolysis targets each hair one by one, which is why treatments take much longer. It is also quite painful and may be very uncomfortable when done on pubic hair.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a long-term hair growth reduction method. It can reduce hair growth by up to 90%. The 10% remaining percent will not need any attention nor shaving. The hair left will be very thin and light. Laser hair removal is not painful although a bit uncomfortable. However, it is the best laser hair removal method. More on that below.

Why is laser hair removal the best alternative?

Laser hair removal is the best option if you are a man wishing to remove unwanted pubic hair for a lot of reasons. 

First of all, it is cheaper. Yes, you read right. In the long-term, laser hair removal is cheaper than any other hair removal methods. Simply because despite a significant upfront investment, it is a one-time expense. On the other hand, you would wax once a month for many years.

Second, it is long-lasting. The results of shaving last two to three days. Waxing will keep your skin smooth for up to four weeks. Laser hair removal on the other hand lasts close to forever. Once the hair follicle is destroyed by the laser, it cannot produce more hair and patients will be hairless. Patients may need a touch-up session, especially on hormonal areas such as the mankini. But overall the results last much longer than waxing or shaving.

Third, laser hair removal has no downtime and very few contraindications. Side effects are very rare and avoidable if patients follow the proper aftercare recommendations. Laser hair removal helps to prevent and treat ingrown hair outbreaks and other side effects of waxing and shaving.

Fourth, laser hair removal is not painful. Waxing is painful, excruciatingly so when done on the mankini. Although pain is a subjective concept that will change from one person to another, the sensation felt during a laser hair removal is uncomfortable but tolerable. It feels like rubber bands snapping at the skin very fast.

How does it work?

Laser hair removal uses a concept called selective photothermolysis. It is an optical technique used to ablate tissue in targeted regions. The major goal of the technique is to heat targeted tissue with a laser and destroy it without damaging surrounding tissue. During a laser session, the target is the pigment in the hair that leads to the hair follicle.

The laser will target the pigment in the hair. Once the energy is absorbed by the melanin, it will travel down to the follicle. There, it will turn into thermal energy and anchor itself to the hair follicle. The heat will destroy it, thus preventing any further growth.

Laser hair removal works only when the hair is in the anagen phase of growth. Indeed, it is the only time the hair and follicle connect, allowing the energy to travel from the former to the latter. Unfortunately, only 20% of hair is in this right stage at any point in time. Thus, one session can treat up to 20% of unwanted body hair.

This explains why patients need successive laser sessions. Waiting six weeks between each session gives the skin the time to recover. It also gives time for the hair to get into the right stage of growth.

What is mankini laser hair removal?

Mankini laser hair removal is the best way to remove unwanted pubic hair. It is the equivalent to Brazilian laser hair removal but for men. This laser treatment covers the front of the pubic region, under the intimate areas, including the scrotum and up the back of the front line. It is considered a large area. The full butts and the inner thighs are not part of this package.

Treatment for a mankini usually takes fifteen to twenty minutes to complete. The intimate area is a very hormonal part of the body. Thus, patients may need more than the six sessions including in an initial package. Indeed, hair growth is triggered by hormones. 

Pubic hair is also on average coarser than body hair. It is darker and thicker. This can also explain why a mankini treatment may require additional sessions. Skin colors can also have an impact. Although laser hair removal works on all skin types, it is trickier for the laser to target dark hair on dark skin and fair hair on light skin.

A lot of men will undergo mankini laser hair removal not to be rid of the entirety of their pubic hair but to reduce hair growth there. They may do so for plenty of reasons including hygiene, athletics, aesthetics, to reduce itchiness in summer, etc.

How to prepare for a mankini session

Preparing for a laser hair removal session is pretty straightforward and does not require much effort. The mankini usually is an area that stays covered. However, should you have been on a holiday in the sun, it is better to wait a few weeks before a treatment. Indeed, tanning puts the skin in an excited state and can interfere with the procedure.

If a patient has been on medication in the few weeks prior to their appointment, they must say so to their certified technician. Indeed, some medication like antibiotics can increase photosensitivity and make the treatment painful. In that context, better wait a bit longer.

Patients must shave the treated area the evening prior to their session. It may sound counterproductive to shave prior to a laser hair removal appointment but that will ensure the safety and efficiency of the treatment. One must be very careful with shaving their mankini and surrounding parts as the skin is very sensitive.

Aftercare recommendations include staying away from the sun and avoiding tanning. Although mankini laser hair removal has no downtime, patients should wait at least 24 hours after their session before they work out or take a hot shower. Indeed, heat-inducing activities create sweat, which are an ideal environment for bacteria development.

All in all, pubic hair removal, although sensitive and intimidating, is quite straightforward and does not have to be painful. Indeed, mankini laser hair removal offers a good option to reduce hair growth in a sustainable way.

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