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Bikini laser hair removal: How many sessions do you need?

Bikini laser hair removal is a very popular treatment amongst women demographics. Regardless of the season, a lot of women would rather be smooth down there. Personal preferences, a holiday coming up, aesthetic, there are many reasons why you’d want to be rid of your pubic hair. 

Similarly, you may decide to decide to remove hair on just specific areas of the bikini rather than go full out on the Brazilian. Each to their own personal preferences. Bikini laser hair removal is a tricky one. The area is quite hormonal and can therefore require more sessions. It is also more sensitive than other body parts, especially as you enter your menstrual cycle.

If you are hesitating whether you should ditch bikini waxing or shaving and switch to bikini laser hair removal or have any question, read this blog post. We hope that you will find all the answers you need.

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal uses a concept called selective photothermolysis. It is the matching of a wavelength and pulse duration to target a specific object without damaging surrounding skin tissue. When it comes to laser hair removal, this specific object is the pigment on the hair.

Laser hair removal will reduce hair growth by up to 95%. It is a long-term growth reduction method. The laser will produce light energy that will target the pigment in the hair. Once the melanin has absorbed the energy, the latter travel down the hair to the follicle. There, it turns into thermal energy and anchors itself to the follicle.

The heat will damage the follicle beyond repair, thus preventing it to create any new hair. Laser hair removal works on all skin tones and hair color. There are only a few contraindications for the treatment but most of them are not even permanent.

What is bikini laser hair removal?

There are different types of bikini laser hair removal. The size of the treated area will depend on how much hair the patient wants to remove. Bikini waxing options are usually the same as laser hair removal. Areas such as the inner buttocks and full butts come in addition.

The bikini front for example will just remove pubic hair on the front triangle. The bikini line will remove the hair that pops out of the bikini up to one inch outside the triangle. The extended bikini line will cover the bikini line as well as up to four inches out of the triangle. It will cover a bit of the top of the thighs.

A full Brazilian bikini laser hair removal on the other end will offer a more comprehensive hair removal option. Not only will it cover the front of the pubic region and bikini line, but it will also remove hair under the intimate areas, including the labia, and the thong line (or inner buttocks).

Bikini laser hair removal can be performed on anyone but pregnant women or people on antibiotics. Should you have been on medication, you may have to wait up to two weeks. Indeed, some medications increase photosensitivity. At Spektrum Laser Spa, we will treat you when you are on your period, as long as you wear a tampon.

What factors can influence my treatment?

A few things can have an impact on the efficiency of bikini laser hair removal as well as the treatment. The bikini area is a very hormonal part of the body. As hair growth is mostly triggered by hormones, you may require more sessions than you would for a non-hormonal area.

Your hair type and coarseness may also interfere with your treatment and make it longer. Genetics are to be taken into account as well as medication you are currently taking. Your hair removal history can also play a role. If you have been waxing for many years, you have already started the hair growth reduction process and may have patches of skin without hair already.

Although laser hair removal works on all skin tones and hair color, it still remains a bit more difficult to target dark hair on dark skin and fair hair on light skin. It is then possible that people of color and people with very fair hair require additional sessions. Furthermore, artificial tanning can also interfere with the treatment and make it more difficult for the laser gun to effectively target the hair.

Why do I need to wait six weeks between sessions?

Most laser hair removal packages include six sessions. Laser technicians will tell you that you must wait six weeks between each. And there is one reason for that: the hair growth cycle. The hair growth cycle is the three phases that each hair goes through as it starts to grow and then dies.

Bikini laser hair removal only works when the hair is in the anagen phase of growth. Indeed, it is the only time the hair and follicle connect. Therefore, it is the only time light energy can travel from the former to the latter. The issue is that only 20% of all body hair is in this particular phase at any point in time. This means that one session can only treat up to 20% of hair.

That is why you not only need several sessions to effectively treat all your hair but also why you need to wait six weeks between each. This wait leaves time for the follicle to produce new hair in the right phase of growth and that can thus be targeted by the laser. Laser hair removal also leaves the skin more vulnerable so waiting gives it time to regenerate and heal.

How many sessions of bikini laser hair removal do I need?

A standard bikini laser hair removal package always includes at least six sessions. It is an industry standard and usually the minimum people need to achieve satisfactory results. However, some people can need up to 12 sessions. It is quite common that patients undergoing bikini laser hair removal need eight to ten sessions.

The number of sessions you need will vary on many factors such as the hair growth cycle, your hormone levels, your skin tone and hair color as well as genetics. If you have indeed been waxing for a long time, it is possible that some hair follicles are already damaged. You may spot patches of hairless skin, which can accelerate the treatment.

At the end of the day, the number of sessions you need and go for depends on you. Some people may just wish to reduce the amount of pubic hair they have. Some other people will wish to remove all hair. Each will require a different number of sessions. As the bikini is a hormonal area, it requires more sessions anyways. However, some people achieve satisfactory results after six, others after 10.

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