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The world’s #1 non-invasive fat-reduction procedure


Coolsculpting is a non uncomfortable procedure, you’ll feel great afterwords. 


When to Consider Coolsculpting?


The CoolSculpting procedure can help both women and men get rid of those stubborn bulges for good.


This non-invasive treatment works on those pesky love handles and other areas of fat buildup on the body. 


• Freezes fat cells


• Targets fat on thighs & belly


• No downtime


• FDA Approved


•  Defines musculature


•  Non-invasive


•  Safe for all skin types

Is Cool Sculpting For You?


Cool Sculpting was recently approved by the FDA.  


Cool sculpting is a noninvasive and virtually pain-free procedure that often allows you to go back to your daily routine that very same day!


After receiving your treatment it can take up to three weeks for you to see results.


Ideal candidates for this procedure are those who only a little-unwanted fat in specific areas like lower


belly, upper thighs or love handles.


Cryolipolysis® which is another way of saying coolsculpting, focuses on specific areas of


fat buildup problem areas. You know those last few pockets of resistnace that usually


gather in the lower part of the abs for women and in love handle area for guys.


How long until you see the results?

Be prepared to repeat the procedure with a minimum of 30 days between times.

Most of the results come from the first visit.  


This thirty day wait period is a good cooling off.


You can see how the procedure works for you.


All this means that if you have a bikini party next Saturday, you can’t rush in and have a

treatment on Thursday. Cryolipolysis® is fast but not that fast.


Those who are in a hurry don’t make for good candidates.


Skin Tightening



Tighter, smoother skin.


Skin tightening allows you to obtain firm skin with the toned look of youth.

This is possible


through Dual-layer Thermotherapy.


This revolutionary skin tightening regimen uses

advanced radio frequency (RF) technology to treat wrinkles non-invasively.


Compared to


other skin treatment systems, you’ll see noticeable results faster.


When to Consider Skin Tightening?

Skin tightening procedures are ideal for patients with mild to moderate skin


laxity on their


face, jawline, neck, upper arms, abdomen and knees.


 Ideally, non-surgical skin tightening


with lasers is used as a preventative measure intended to put off the need for

surgical skin


tightening as long as possible.


Middle-aged men and women of all skin types may choose to undergo laser skin


tightening procedures, as they offer an extremely safe and non-invasive way to tighten


sagging skin with no downtime.




 Our experienced, licensed aestheticians will evaluate and analyze your skin during any


one of our many salon facial treatments. Our spa facial professionals can recommend one


of many effective skin treatments  best suited for your skin type.



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