We Make Your Laser Treatments Relaxing And Fun.

Hair removal doesn’t have to hurt. 

At Spektrum, we’ve mastered the process of minimal pain laser hair removal.

We are dedicated to providing results oriented skin care treatments that will restore and maintain the health and beauty of your skin.

Our certified technicians are committed to offering you the very best and most effective treatments in NYC. 

Our treatment offers optimal results for hair removal, pigmented lesions, and treatment of sun-damaged skin.

We are able to treat a broad spectrum of skin types, including dark, and very light.

Our goal is to treat you, removing your unwanted hair while leaving your skin smooth, silky and seemingly untouched.

Laser technology has brought us a better, safer and longer lasting way to remove unwanted hair from all parts of the body, leaving your skin smooth and healthy.

With hair removal procedures that take the same time as your lunch break. 

We are committed to giving you that healthy, beautiful smooth soft silky skin you can feel confident and beautiful about. 

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